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My  personal identity, showcased through my business card design, embraces a captivating concept inspired by the fascinating ability of humans to recognize the top half of letters and words, even when the bottom half is covered. The design cleverly incorporates the color cyan, known for its vibrancy and visual appeal, to create an impactful and visually striking representation of my personal brand. 
The business card design for my personal identity features a bold and prominent use of cyan as the primary color. Cyan, being a vibrant shade of blue, commands attention and stimulates visual interest. This choice of color reflects my dynamic and innovative nature, as well as my penchant for creative thinking and problem-solving. 
Building upon the concept of recognizing the top half of letters and words, the business card design employs a distinctive visual element of the letters being inserted into a space. The cyan color is prominently featured in the letters used of the design, while the lower half is intentionally left partially covered or obscured. This intentional design technique invites curiosity and prompts the viewer to engage with the card, as their innate ability to fill in missing information activates. 
The above in my personal identity not only adds a visually captivating element but also conveys a sense of forward-thinking and uniqueness. 

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